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Happy Wheels Unblocked Full Version

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Shooting Heads

Shooting Heads

Date added: 2017-08-21
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Move your character around using keys WASD. Click left mouse button to shoot the enemies.


Shooting Heads is a tough 2D Shooter with an IO style. Let’s jump into the game now then begin a challenging battle with plenty of opponents coming from around the world. The game is all about fighting and surviving, so all players are required to have their strategies as well as excellent abilities ready to deal with each other. It’s really easy to die if you don’t stay focused on the game. Move your fighter around the arena carefully, take a leap, elude bullets from your opponents and keep moving so that you can make them unable to attack you. There is no benevolence in this fierce arena. All players have to show their evil sides! Trust no one! Be more aggressive! Fight for the top rank on the leaderboard as well as your ultimate survival. Don’t get hit by your enemies, or else you will have to start over the game! Good luck!

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