Happy Wheels Unblocked Full Version
Happy Wheels Unblocked Full Version

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Date added: 2018-06-14
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Control your character using the mouse. Click LMB or RMB to assault. Press key S to toggle the lights and key Q to shake the room.


Room24.io drops you into a fight between humans and cockroaches. The game also reflects on a bug phobia of humans. You can pick to join either the human side or the cockroach side before starting the fight. If you are on the team human, you need to go hunt for the cockroaches and don’t be scared of them. Your main task is to take them out as fast as possible before they outplay you. As for the team cockroach, your job is to go search for the humans, and similarly, you must destroy them all too. There are many foods scattered on the ground. You should collect them as much as you can for growing your size and power up yourself. If you get to the 20,000 points, you will become a ghost that is able to toggle the lights, weaken enemies and even shake the room (only for the human ghost). Good luck!

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