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Feudal Wars

Feudal Wars

Date added: 2018-06-13
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Simply click the left mouse button to interact with your army and objects. 


Feudal Wars is a military browser-based game where you play as a smart commander whose job is to defeat all enemies by controlling his strong army. This is an intense battle that you have to fight for your life and your kingdom’s peace. So, make sure you have everything ready. But first, you need to start placing many discrepant structures like resource production facilities, military training facilities, and research facilities. Make the most use of them to develop your army as well as bring more income to you. Don’t forget to teach your units, let them practice their skills and when they are strong enough, you can send them out into the fight to destroy the rival bases then take over their realms. The way you deploy your forces is so vital, and it has a direct effect on a chance of victory. Always play with good strategies, survive longer, then, you can vanquish the whole battlefield.

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