Happy Wheels Unblocked Full Version
Happy Wheels Unblocked Full Version
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Happy Wheels Game

Posted by: Total Jerkface, 2015-10-24, 02:06

Welcome to Happy Wheels game!

We warmly send our  greetings to all of the players coming to our site for enjoying such a gory  ragdoll-physics named Happy Wheels unblocked! Now, you can freely play this  game while being at school to relieve  your stress after doing heavy school tasks for hours. For those who are fond of  bloody racing games, they shouldn’t ignore to discover Happy Wheels full of  challenges and awesome levels.

Happy  Wheels Gameplay

Happy Wheels is a flash  game developed by Jim Bonacci, and it was first released to all of the players in  June 2010. The game opens a brand new world where you will accompany with lots  of impotent racers who are so vulnerable to other dangers surrounding them.  Before starting your performances, you will have a chance to take a look at  those characters and choose your favored ones,  and then head out for the long,  perilous races! The game goal is to take control of your character and help  him/her reach the final destination safe  and sound. The game will be boring if there is no obstacle on the way, right?  In this Happy Wheels game, you are  supposed to perform your utmost skills, be aware of the upcoming dangers and  overcome all the disturbing impediments. Don’t forget to gather a required  quantity of tokens to complete the in-game tasks.  Playing Happy Wheels game also give you a chance to examine your racing skills,  your reflexes and the ways you deal with the tough situations. Do whatever it  takes to survive at the very last minutes, or else your game will come to a  failure!

Happy  Wheels Characters

One of the most interesting points that Happy Wheels  draws the attention of the players is its abundant characters. Each character  in this game has specific circumstance and skill for the players to control. Before  starting the game, it is highly recommended to have a glimpse at these characters and make a decision on  choosing your favored one – who will travel with you throughout the world  filled with hidden dangers. Currently, there are  16 characters type along with 11 vehicles. There will be some characters who  have only one rider, but some of other ones will have multiple riders. They are  Wheelchair Guy, Segway Guy, Irresponsible Dad, Effective Shopper, Moped Couple,  Lawnmower Man, Explore Guy, Santa Claus, Pogostick Man and so on. If you select  Wheelchair guy, you will have a chance to accelerate your speed with the  assistance of his jet, or the Segway Guy  will totally take a high leap with his Segway. So  awesome, right? Now, who is your favorite character? Choose one of them  and get ready for the race!

Happy Wheels Features

There are also lots  of fantastic in-game features that the player would never want to miss. You can  check out the so-called level editor to make and share the custom scenarios. At  present, the beginners have a chance to explore some fan-made levels that have  been played by millions of other people. Also,  if you have more free time, you can go check the featured levels which have  been added and introduced recently. Take your time and find out all of  them! You will experience new bloody scenes as well as improve your skills!

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  • avatar
    happywheelsdude (15) - 2018-08-25, 08:10
    Awesome game, my favorite one so far

  • avatar
    gamer (12) - 2016-06-17, 18:01
    I like this game

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