Happy Wheels Unblocked Full Version
Happy Wheels Unblocked Full Version

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Date added: 2017-08-14
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Use keys WASD or mouse for looking around in the view mode. Click left mouse to place the voxel in the build mode. Select voxel color from the current voxel in the pick mode by using the mouse. And you can demolish a voxel with the left mouse button too.
Use key Enter to toggle the chat window. The tools window can be toggled with spacebar.


Feel free to build and create your favorite stuff in an amazing unlimited 3D World in Voxar.io! This is one of the latest IO games you shouldn’t miss. You will become an excellent voxel editor that establishes your own kingdom by utilizing lots of tools, such as view mode, build mode, pick mode and destroy mode. These tools have their own functions to use. When you use the view mode, you can look around the playfield easily. Then, in the build mode, you can start choosing voxel color from the menu at the bottom, and place the voxel. The pick mode is colorpicker which permits you to select the voxel color from the current voxel. If you have a wish to remove one voxel, just open the destroy mode, choose a voxel then click to destroy it. You are allowed to build anything you want since this 3D world is extremely free. Also, you can invite your buddies to come and play with you. That would be very fun!

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