Happy Wheels Unblocked Full Version
Happy Wheels Unblocked Full Version

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Date added: 2018-09-17
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Control your spinner using the mouse and click left mouse button to speed up.


Spinz.io is a web browser game about fidget spinners! You enter an arena full of spinners and you must use your skills to defeat all of them while growing your own one. At first, your spinner moves at a slow speed, and to increases your RPM, you need to gather more dots that are dispersed around the map. The more dots you pick up, the better your RPM will be. When you try to kill enemies, you must collide your spinner with others to make both of the dots of the spinners disperse, after that, you should catch all the dots to grow up yourself even more. You can speed up your fidget spinner to chase the enemies if you want, but don’t do that too much, or else your RPM will be decreased. Try your hardest to kill all rivals then work your way to the top spot on the leaderboard. Enjoy the game!

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