Happy Wheels Unblocked Full Version
Happy Wheels Unblocked Full Version

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Date added: 2017-08-26
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Use keys WASD for the movement. Click LMB to throw a snowball. Hold it down to make a super giant snowball, and keep it down for a little bit longer to build a snow block and a fortress.


Have all your abilities ready for an intense yet interesting snowball combat in an IO game called Snowfight.io! The entire arena is covered with snow! You are supposed to move around to create a snowball then quickly throw it at your opponents to take them out before they deal damage to you. Always stay watchful while you are moving! The enemies can assault you from any directions, especially when you least expect it. If they catch you off guard, they will kill you easily. Also, you must be aware of the big bears that are roaming around the arena too. They are very deadly and able to take you out with just a few hits. Try to elude them as much as you can, keep your character away from them, attempt to defend yourself so you can reach the top rank on the leaderboard to dominate. Don’t forget to create a fortress which will help you deal with the dangers more easily. Have fun!

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