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Happy Wheels Unblocked Full Version

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Shell Shockers

Shell Shockers

Date added: 2018-09-27
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Move your egg killer using WASD or IJKL. Left click to fire, use keys E/U to switch weapons, keys R/Y to reload, and spacebar for jumping


In the world of Shell Shockers game, you become an egg killer using advanced weaponry to kill other enemies standing in your way. Before entering the arena, you can pick a weapon you like and customize your appearance following your own way. Once the gunfight begins, you must quickly shoot down everything in sight while protecting yourself from the enemy bullets. Watch out for your ammo count as well! The gun is only armed with a limited supply, therefore, you need to gather more supplies dispersed around the ground or you can pick them up from the dead enemies. No need to worry when your health is being low, you can get to a quiet corner of the map to regain it. Try your hardest to play tactically for a better chance of conquering the entire arena. Can you dominate the leaderboard in this 2D shooter IO game? Play it now!

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