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Salvage Guns

Salvage Guns

Date added: 2018-07-08
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Control your vehicle using arrow keys or WASD. Shoot at enemies using the left mouse button.


Salvage Guns is a 2D Shooter free for all game where you have to shoot down all enemies in a desolate arena while attempting to search for lots of wreckages. Pick a vehicle you want to drive, a tank or a truck, then, start making your way through a huge arena full of challenges. You need to have your shooting skill ready all the time to wipe out the opponents as soon as you catch sight of them. At the same time, you need to pick up more salvage scattered on the ground for earning some experience points. With a lot of points, you will be able to unlock further vehicles, brand new weapons with some great accessories. Keep an eye on a train that moves through the map sometimes. Try to attack it so you can get more salvage. Your goal here is to survive as long as possible! Good luck!

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