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PumpUp Hero!

PumpUp Hero!

Date added: 2018-09-20
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Use the left mouse button for punching. Press keys QWE for using a special ability.


PumpUp Hero! is a game about being a mighty superhero who has to rescues a lot of people that are in danger. You become one flying through the skies in order to gather a lot of items, like planes and balloons as well as attempt to save all people from the baddies. This mission sounds simple but not easy to master because you have to face off against many enemy superheroes in the same skies. They are doing the same mission as you, and if you don’t beat them off, you won’t be able to rule the leaderboard, causing you to lose a chance of becoming the best hero in the skies. Try to fly carefully and make sure you kill all enemies using your strategies. Sharpen your abilities through over time, survive as long as possible until you build your ultimate dominance! Let’s get ready for this challenge now! Have fun, guys!

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