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Monopoly IO

Monopoly IO

Date added: 2018-10-24
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Use the mouse to interact and play the game.


Monopoly IO is a web browser classic strategy game inspired by Monopoly – a famous trading board game on the Internet. The game features two kinds of mode, including a private or public game. The game will begin after a few players have engaged in your lobby and when they are all ready. At the early stage of the game, you need to purchase a lot of properties then trade with your friends. Make sure you gather the properties of the similar color group so you can purchase more houses or hotels, which helps grow the rent you charge by more than 10 times. It won’t be hard to beat your players, you just simply play with good strategies and make sure you always think carefully before making any decisions on buying stuff. This will be a great chance for you to show off your skills! Are you ready? Join and play with many online friends now!

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