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Hunger Royale

Hunger Royale

Date added: 2018-01-30
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Use keys WASD to control your character. Aim and shoot at enemies with the mouse. Click left mouse to use items.


Hunger Royale is a must-play Battle Royale game online in which you will confront with lots of enemies and killing them all is your main task here. Start to roam the map carefully to hunt for the prey, when you catch sight of them, you should quickly destroy them using your abilities before they get a chance to kill you. There are so many items spreading all over the ground. Be sure to collect them then use them wisely to cope with the opponents, especially when you are fighting with the tougher ones. If you don’t want to play alone yourself, you should form a team and work with other friendly players. Teamwork will surely help you overcome all challenges! You can make barricades to obstruct the rivals or stay still in a safe zone. Don’t let yourself die of hunger, please stay watchful for HP and food bars. If one of these reaches down to 0, you will die instantly. Good luck!

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