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Happy Wheels Unblocked Full Version

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Go! Eat! Bomb!

Go! Eat! Bomb!

Date added: 2018-07-26
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Control your monster using the mouse. Click left mouse to open your mouth to eat stuff, and use number keys 1-5 to utilize the bought items.


Go! Eat! Bomb! is a classic Agario Style in which you become a monster roaming a huge arena to hunt for many tasty foods, like cats, mushrooms, pills, and even other players. You need to consume them as much as possible to increase your size until you become the largest one in the arena. You need to make sure that you only eat the ones that are smaller than you while keeping yourself away from the bigger enemies, or else you will get eaten. Another important thing is that you must open your mouth occasionally, or else you will get exploded. You should keep an eye on your eyes’ color as well as the explode indicator shown on the left side. If your eyes are turning into red, just quickly open your mouth. When you make a progress, you can purchase lots of upgrades, like a wonderful jet pack, or even awesome teeth. The final goal of this IO game is to reach the highest rank on the leaderboard!

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