Happy Wheels Unblocked Full Version
Happy Wheels Unblocked Full Version

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Date added: 2018-07-27
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Use the left mouse to pick a color, and start drawing. Send your guesses using the keyboard.


Are you seeking an online drawing and guessing game to play? Then Gartic.io is a great choice for you. This IO game lets you play with so many friends from around the world, you guys can challenge each other to many rounds. The aim of the game is to guess what a friend is drawing. You will have some turns drawing stuff relating to the word you have chosen, then, let others guess what it is. If there are many players sending the right words quickly, you will earn a lot of points, but if you send too many hints, you won’t gain more points. Similarly, when someone is drawing, you have to think then figure out what that word is. When you get an answer, you should send it as fast as possible to get high points. After all rounds, the one who got the best score will become the winner. Enjoy it!

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