Happy Wheels Unblocked Full Version
Happy Wheels Unblocked Full Version

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Date added: 2018-10-29
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Use the left mouse for throwing TNT, and click right mouse to speed up.


In CrazySteve.io game, you will witness a brutal bombing competition! You take on a role of Steve – an iconic character from Minecraft games and roam through a big arena collecting lots of red bombs to generate your TNT and the blue crystals to grow in size. Once you have done making your TNT, you can plant up to 6 bombs at a time and use them to kill your opponents. Push your bombs towards any direction you want, trap others with those bombs and they will end up dying easily. But, you must defend yourself from being bombed by others as they can kill you anytime with their deadly bombs. Keep growing up until you become the largest Steve in the arena, which allows you to establish your ultimate dominance. Try to play with good tactics to outwit all other Steve! Are you up for this? Give it a shot now!

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