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Braains.io Action Edition

Braains.io Action Edition

Date added: 2018-11-05
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Move around the map using keys WASD. To tag people, you must walk into them.


Braains.io Action Edition is an RPG Zombie Survival game that is free for all in browsers. You will join a server that contains up to 50 players, and there is one player starting as the zombie. This guy must spread his infections by tagging a lot of human beings. If you play as a human, you must do whatever it takes to avoid the infections of the zombies. Try to find some materials then use them to build strong shelters so you can hide in them and protect yourself. Once getting tagged, you will become a zombie too then have to join the zombie force, this time, your objective is completely changed! As a zombie, you must go tag other friends and turn them into the zombies as well. To conquer this IO game, teamwork is a must! Feel free to work with your friends and attempt to get through all the challenges. Good luck!

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