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Bellum: Legacy

Bellum: Legacy

Date added: 2018-06-10
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Use the mouse to interact with objects.


Bellum: Legacy is a popular classic Strategy game that is all about kill or be killed. You have to fight against many enemies in order to capture their star bases for a chance of winning. When you first spawn in the arena, you should try to increase your military power (MP) which is known as the main resource of the game. The more MP you have, the more territories you can take over, even including the rival’s realms too. To gain MP, you just click on “+1 MP” bar or purchase many units that will produce MP for you. For purchasing the units, make sure you already capture plenty of star bases. Don’t forget to make some excellent teamwork during the fight so you can get past challenges with the assistance of your allies. Try to do whatever it takes to reach the top rank on the leaderboard! Wish you luck!

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