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Happy Wheels Unblocked Full Version

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Alien Attack

Alien Attack

Date added: 2018-04-11
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Just simply move your character around the map using WASD.


A cruel battle between the alien and human teams are about to begin in Alien Attack game. Join it now to fight against your enemies as well as prove your abilities. You can either join the team astronaut or the team alien. If you are one of the astronauts, you need to find out all aliens that are hiding in the spaceship. Be sure to pick up some weapons that are dispersed around the ship. They will help you get rid of the aliens quickly. If you belong to the alien team, your job is to hide from the astronauts and focus on converting the enemies. You will discover the whole spaceship when you undertake these missions. Make an effort to complete your given objective so you will become the ultimate winner of the fight. Surely you will earn a lot of funny and exciting moments. Are you ready? Let’s start it now!

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