Happy Wheels Unblocked Full Version
Happy Wheels Unblocked Full Version

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Hero Quest Hacked

Hero Quest

Date added: 2017-04-04
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Press 1 to toggle the base health, 2 for the unit health, 3 for unit and spell cooldown, 4 for one hit kill, 5 for upgrades, 6 to win.


Hero Quest Hacked unblocked game is an exciting battle that you will play as the leader of a group of four brave heroes. To defend your world and innocent civilians, you must destroy the enemy and remove their kingdoms as fast as possible. In Hero Quest Hacked, Goblin Forest is the first place that you need to visit. Click on the unit that you want and you can deploy them. If you win, you will obtain gold and diamond, which can purchase upgrades in the shop. Let’s join and explore your task now!

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