Happy Wheels Unblocked Full Version
Happy Wheels Unblocked Full Version

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GunBlood Hacked


Date added: 2015-10-30
plays 1.261
70 7.0 / 10 70
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Use the mouse to aim and shoot
Hack information:
Write the following cheats in the box:
NOHIT – to get invincibility
MOREAMMO – to get countless ammo
POINTER – for laser sight
FASTFIRE – shoot down the opponent very quick


Gunblood Hacked unblocked is such a wonderful Shooting game that you can play at your school to examine your skills. The game is also a quick test to see how fast you are! Hold your gun tight and get ready to shoot down the rival after counting down the time. Remember, the opponent is so fast and evil, he will kill you in just a moment. Therefore, you need to perform your utmost skills and take him down before you get doomed. You can use the cheats below to boost your strength and dominate this bloody world! Enjoy your Gunblood Hacked!

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